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HST Systemtechnik

HST Systemtechnik was founded in 1981 and headquartered in Meschede, Germany. In more than 30 years of experience in the water industry, HST has provided machines, equipment, technology, and software for critical processes such as storm water tanks, flood prevention, storm water pumping stations, SBR treatment plants, etc… HST has local offices in Germany and other countries to manage international projects more efficiently and to provide better support to the clients.

The company offers the most innovative and comprehensive solutions by integrating  information technologies into the operation and management of physical objects, thus improving effectiveness and efficiency of their performance. HST has sucessfully satisfied customers in different industries and countries, including Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, China, Vietnam, etc…

IT & Automation

Product Portfolio - IT & Automation

The software of “Operation and Maintenance Management” includes:

  • KANiO® enables the effective management of resources and tasks in maintenance.
  • KANiO® Mobile App is an extensive version of KANiO® for tablets and smartphones, offering a higher level of flexibility and productivity.

The products of “Controlling Technology” includes:

  • SCADA V10 is the controlling software and enables the control of systems, processes, and documentation.
  • SCADA.web is the Web-based application and enables the remote control, eliminating the barrier of physical distance and offering flexibility in controlling and monitoring.

SMART Machine” includes:

  • smartKANiO is a user-friendly tool for the maintenance of all machines and projects.
  • smartSCADA provides a transparent and effective solution for monitoring objects’ performance.

Both products can be integrated into the operation and the management of objects at different complexity levels.

For “Controlling & Monitoring“, HST Systemtechnik offers the following products:

  • TeleMatic is a PC-based software and has two versions: TeleMatic Standard and TeleMatic Manager. While TeleMatic Standard enables the acquisition of process data, archiving, transferring, and alarming, TeleMatic Manager is used in the central side for connection to TeleMatic stations.
  • HydroMatic is a Web-based process monitoring and control system combining innovative telecontrol concepts and proven industry standards with the reliability of the PLC world in one system

The software supporting “Data Acquisition” includes:

  • NiRA.web is a precipitation portal, enabling the access to the past, current, and the forecast precipitation values regardless of time and location.
  • Sensomatic-EMA is a solution for the data acquisition and the measurement of overflowed volume.

Intelli” family consists of a wide range of software which can be integrated with HST products to serve specific purposes and optimize the operation of the products:

  • IntelliFlow provides efficient self-monitoring and self-calibrating outflow control. The communication with NiRA.web enables rainfall-dependent channel management.
  • IntelliFlush is used for intelligent generation of rinse waves and efficient channel cleaning. The communication with NiRA.web enables rainfall-dependent channel management.
  • IntelliGrid is used to intelligently control and control the AWS-Jet Cleaner. The possibility of manual control of the AWS Jet cleaner can still be guaranteed.
  • IntelliPump is used for intelligent pump control and regulation as well as energy optimization of pumps in water supply and treatment systems. It is still possible to regulate or limit the flow rate of the pumps to a freely adjustable set-point over a constant speed specification depending on various load types, e.g. control peak periods.
  • IntelliScreen is used for intelligent calculation control and regulation as well as for improving the quality of the water. Furthermore, it is possible to react to strongly fluctuating water levels in order to avoid backwater. Communication with NiRA.web enables rainfall-dependent channel management.
  • IntelliStream continuously monitors heat transfer and detects negative effects from heat exchanger contamination.

Machinery & Equipment

Product Portfolio - MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT

The products in “Flap Gates & Weirs” includes:

  • ASA Weir serve primarily as cascade dams, flushing weirs and relief weirs.
  • ASK Weir is used to keep the water level precisely constant without the use of external energy and even during backwater conditions.
  • ESK Weir is used for controlling reservoir target level retention and backwater/flood.
  • GSK Weir is used for maintaining reservoir target levels without backwater, volume activation and structural reduction.
  • Lock Gate is implemented to close canals, passages and underpasses.
  • RSK/P Flap Valve is a reliable solution for protection against backwater and flooding.
  • RSK/Twin Flap Gates are installed in flood pumping stations for controlling the flow paths and allow a two-way opening or closing of two flow paths with one fitting.

In the “Scum Baffle” family, three key products are introduced by HST:

  • Fixed Baffles are used for floating-material retention at fixed overflow thresholds and overflowed flaps or weirs, as well as reduce the discharge of floating materials.
  • STW/R Baffle is the upgraded version of Fixed Baffle, holding floating materials at discharge equipment and adapting flexibly to the water levels.
  • STW/V Baffle are suitable to hold back floating materials at overflows and passages, especially in widely fluctuating water levels or large overflow heights.

The products in the “Screen” group of HST brings an innovative solution for reducing microplastics, floating materials retention and stormwater overflow structures as well as enabling automatic operation:

  • HSR Screen (horizontal bar screen) is a fully automatically operating system to retain floating debris and solids inside the sewer channel, preventing them of being released into the receiving waters without treatment.
  • VSR Screen (vertical bar screen), equipped with an automatic cleaning device, is suitable for coarse and fine material retention from dam thresholds or the protection of mechanical installations

The “Flushing system” has three core products:

  • AWS Flush Gate is an effective system to remove sedimentation in stormwater retention tanks and canals. AWS Flush Gate is fully automatically operated through level sensors.
  • AWS Flush Bucket is an operationally cost-effective solution for cleaning reservoirs.
  • AWS Flush Sluice is used for a preventive cleaning of a critical section of the sewer- and combined sewer collector channels of small- and medium sizes. AWS Flush Sluice is installed without obstructing the flow path.

The products in the “Hydraulic Steel Engineering” group of HST Systemtechnik includes:

  • Fish-belly and Torsion Flap Gates / Weirs are installed in open water and canals in order to regulate the water level and volume.
  • Segmental Weir are made of stainless stell and commonly used where the precise regulation of the water volume is required at high water pressures.

Jet Cleaners and Aerators” are used to clean the walls and bottom of the retention tanks, including the following machines :

  • AWS Jet Cleaner is an automatic machine for cleaning the surface of the stormwater or wastewater retention tanks. HST software, HydroMatic and IntelliGrid, can be integrated for the energy-efficient control of the flushing process.
  • AWS Pico Jet Cleaner is used for ventilating drainage and process water and for disposing deposits in smaller structures, flushing or pump sumps.
  • AWS Rotating Jet Cleaner is used for cleaning round tanks with flat or slightly sloped bottoms.
  • AWS 3D Jet Cleaner, with higher level of flexibility, enable the cleaning of sediments at all points of stormwater basins, sewer reservoirs and basins of process water treatments.

The products of “Flow Control” enable the measurement and control of water flow with high level of preciseness:

  • HydroMat-E is the most economic drainage regulation, electronically adjustable – ideal for the exchange of mechanical throttle devices.
  • HydroMat-Q is equipped with the newest regulation and control-related components and allows for the continual recording of all operating data and a self-calibration function.
  • HydroMat-HQ can measure flow to MID accuracy by the use of high-resolution sensor technology.

The products in “Clear Water Decanters” enables the clear water separate in water supply systems and SBR treatment plants based on different disciplines:

  • HydroKlar-Float is commonly used for the water level-based clear water separation during the SBR treatment process.
  • HydroKlar-Slide is implemented in a variety of ways in the SBR treatment process as well as the water supply system. HydroKlar-Slide can be installed in both large and small tanks thanks to its compact construction.

Floating Sludge Extraction” includes the following products:

  • HydroScum-FLAP is attached to the sidewall of the permanent reservoir tank to extract the floating sludge on the water surface.
  • HydroScum-SLIDE is an extraction device equipped with pumps for extracting floating materials or bacterial sludge on the surface.

In Dissolved Air Flotation, the sludge flocs, grease or emulsion-containing substances are transported to the surface of the water by introducing micro-fine air bubbles. The automation of the machine can be realized by the integration of Telecontrol and operation data recording.

HST also offers different types of tank for retention, storage, and treatment of sludge, including:

  • Process Container” is a free-standing process container for storing and treating fresh and industrial water as well as process and waste water.
  • “Sludge Cyclone” is a process container for storing and static thickening of liquid sludge.

The “Wastewater Treatment” portfolio of HST has a diversity of products:

  • “Lamella Separators” are installed in stormwater retention tanks and wastewater treatment plants to separate sediments and sludge from storm- and combined sewage water.
  • “Membrane system” is a process-efficient separation system for water, process and wastewater treatment that can be configured depending on the use. It can be produced as a micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, or desalination system, depending on the treatment goal of the project.
  • “SBR Treatment System” consists of significant process components of the SBR technology. The integration with the other in-house products brings further benefits such as the reduction of maintenance efforts (with HydroKlar Slide) or the automation. This product has been certified based on different quality standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO IEC 9126, and other German-based standards
  • In the “Precipitation / Flocuculation system”, the targeted addition of precipitants or other substances are converted from dissolved to undissolved status. The undissolved substances are then converted to the form of flakes and separated from the water by physical processes (filtration, sedimentation, flotation)
  • “UV Disinfection System” is commonly used for chemical-free disinfection in water supply and wastewater treatment in municipal and industrial areas.

The variety of products in “Heat Exchanger” offers a wide range of alternatives:

  • “Pure flux F” is a solution for energy extraction in buildings with limited space.
  • “Pure flux P” is an ideal heat exchanging function supplement for pipe systems. This product is suitable for large nominal diameters, retrofitting, or integrating into the existing system.
  • “Pure flux P2” enables heat extraction from wastewater. This product is suitable for high thermal output and cascading.
  • “Sludge Recuperator” is a simple and efficient process for energy optimisation in the field of sludge treatment. The heat exchanger modules („recuperators“) transfer the heat of the warm, putrefied sludge on a physical-mechanical path, by passing by a contact surface on the cold raw sludge in the reverse current.

Core values in HST products

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