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HST Systemtechnik in the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) in November 2020

Amongst the complex situation of the coronavirus, there was an opposite economic picture between Europe and Asia in November. While many European countries imposed stricter measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 , Asia’s economies have recovered at a rapid pace. Although the Asian governments are still cautious about the pandemic, November 2020 was marked as a milestone of many international collaboration and events. For instance, the world’s biggest trade bloc, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), was signed by ten ASEAN Member States and another five FTA partners, including Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea.

As for the international economic event, the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) was one of the remarkable highlights in the region. Despite the restriction measures due to the coronavirus, the event successfully attracted approximately 400,000 registered professional visitors and numerous international companies, including HST Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG.

HST booth in CIIE

In CIIE, HST introduced the cutting-edge networking technology of water infrastructures “IntelliNet”, which is a future-proof solution for flood prevention. If IntelliNet system was introduced via the presentation in Greencities 2020 in Spain, HST team brought a new experience to visitors by demonstrating the operations and benefits of IntelliNet system through a live simulation model.

The simulation model of IntelliNet system

The IntelliNet model simulates how an urban drainage system can prevent or delay floods in heavy or prolonged rains by the application of networking technologies. The forecast data of precipitation (time, intensity, duration) and the real-time data of the important parameters (water level, wastewater inflow and outflow) in the drainage system are precisely measured and analyzed at the same time.

Based on the analysis, “IntelliNet” adjusts the outflow regulators in each tank to keep the storage capacity and discharge capability at the optimal level, contributing to the prevention or the delay of floods and overflows. In practice, besides the retention tanks, the smart machines in the collecting systems can be integrated into “IntelliNet” to increase the usable storage capacity of the deep tunnels. The whole process can be realized and optimized completely by HST technologies.

In the event, HST also introduced a leading-edge technology, a combined solution of 3D Jet Cleaner and IntelliGrid 3D automation software , for cleaning storm- and wastewater retention tank. 3D Jet Cleaner  is the most innovative for cleaning large structures with high dirt loads because the multidimensional range of movement enables almost 100% of the surfaces in the structure to be cleaned. The extention the IntelliGrid automation system  to include precipitation data (from NiRA.web®) and data from the sewage network (from IntelliNet) allows the software to decide proactively whether and to what extent cleaning is necessary. This IoT approach helps not only optimize the cleaning performance and energy consumption but also lengthen the service life of the machines.

3D Jet Cleaner and its control cabinet in HST booth in CIIE

Other HST products such as ASA Weir  or AWS-Flush Vacuum were also exhibited in the booth and demonstrated to visitors via VR headset and videos.

In general, HST achieved a great success in CIIE because we have received many positive feedback from visitors, customers, organizers, and social media. HST International Sales Director, Mr. Thomas Gruenig, was invited to an interview with China Daily, a reputed daily newspaper in China, and present HST technologies in front of the audience in CIIE.

Mr. Thomas Gruenig in the interview with China Daily
Mr. Thomas Gruenig presented HST technologies in CIIE
HST 3D Jet Cleaner is featured on the news of Orient Business Group

CIIE is the last biggest event of HST in this calendar year, a year filled with unprecedented uncertainties and chaos due to the coronavirus. Despite the complex situation, HST team has been in the preparation to offer new interesting activities to our customers in 2021. In the news of December 2020, the new brochures of two HST “star” products will be disclosed. Subscribe us and you can receive industry news, incoming HST events, practical tips, and other interesting information. If you are interesting in HST activities in CIIE or HST technology, you can contact HST International Project Manager, Mr. Nghiep Chi Le, via We are pleased to clarify all of the questions you have


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