HST’s system technology for cross structures / fish stairs

Equipment for cross structures / fish stairs


Environmental protection regulations are already having a significant impact on water management today. Animal protection is always in the focus, especially in the aquatic environment such as the protection of fish. Because barrages in water flows for generating energy through hydropower or locks in water flows are a barrier for the “hikers” among the fish. Swimming against the current, fish must overcome differences in height of a few meters.

Our Solutions

Our solution succeeds in overcoming the height differences. It consists of small, successively staggered flow and congestion zones, which create suitable ascent conditions through rest and flow areas. This is possible even with fluctuating water levels.


HST supplies technical equipment with which the system can be operated even in the case of strongly fluctuating water levels. Fish climbs are equipped with automatic slot gunners or ASK weirs. ASK weirs generate a water level dependent flow opening without external energy. This ensures that the fish ascent has the adequate flow rates and flows. Our technology protects fishes with our fish-friendly HSR rake. HST IT products provide automation, monitoring and logging as well as maintenance and service organization.


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