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SBR-Treatment Plants

HST’s system technology for SBR-treatment plants

Equipment for SBR treatment plants


Municipal treatment plants constitute a large part of the energy usage in a municipality. In order to save costs it is essential to achieve a measurable improvement in resource usage. The higher standards for effluent quality of the treated waste water discharge together with demographic changes affect the planning of new installations and the, refurbishment or upgrade of municipal treatment plants. The daily fluctuations in the inflow rate of the waste water means that simple flow-through plants are not the solution. For this reason more and more SBR plants are being used for aerobic treatment plants.


HST products and systems for SBR treatment plants have been designed so that each constituent components works in conjunction with the other elements to ensure a reliable and effi cient solution. A particular role in the treated liquid process is played by a treated liquid extraction option and by treated water decanters. SBR treatment plants are fully automatic so high level of process reliability and stability is achieved. The optimisation of the process control by the HST automation and process control technology allows a reduction in the process volume and machinery size.

The Details

All processes and conditions in the SBR treatment plant are continually monitored so that at any time an accurate overview of the process can be made. The IT systems supplied by HST can provide, on request, information on any deviations and can initiate all necessary inputs to control the treatment process. The use of settling additives can be eliminated or reduced thanks to better Bio-P-elements. This leads to reduced operating costs and better protection of the environment. We have combined the various components of an SBR plant to a fully functioning composite unit.


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