Water Supply

HST’s system technology for water treatment

Equipment for water treatment


There is an enormous demand for water in most countries of the world. As a result, there is an overuse of water resources. In addition to the quantity, it is above all about the quality of the water. Impurities and the like Nitrate, pesticides, petroleum products and organic halogen compounds are caused by agriculture, industry and transport. In regions with sufficient water supply, as in Germany, adaptation and modernization investments are in the foreground.

Our Solution

Modern plant equipment of the water supply is characterized by networked and “smart” technology. Pumps, valves, filters and dosing systems as well as measuring and control technology work in accordance with requirements and processes. With state-of-the-art process control and telecontrol systems and the KANiO® plant management system, HST has the key products for process efficiencies. By combining process know-how and the knowledge of operating data and target parameters, process solutions and key mechanical products for the treatment of drinking water are developed.

The details

The lamella separators as well as clear water extraction devices, which are part of the HST standard program, are important products for complete solutions in addition to the dosing and filter technology. They are designed as process-efficient products and have the necessary “SmartLink” as standard. In addition, all key products are designed very material-efficient, this is especially true for our stainless steel process tanks.


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