Planning Support

for machine technology, measuring technology and IT & automation

Increasing heavy rainfall events pose major challenges for the water management infrastructure and flood protection. New construction, conversion or renovation projects of rain basins, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants are essential.

If you have any questions about the technical equipment, the HST planning support with the experts in the office and in the field is available to you and the engineering offices involved. Send us your inquiry and we will create for you:

  • Design and layout of technical and operational equipment
  • Concrete planning aid for machine, measuring technology and IT & automation
  • Support in investment and operating cost calculations

Even if it has to be really quick, the new tools and the HST service team will help.

For example, with the new weir configurator on the Web, you can quickly and easily carry out dimensioning of fixed and mobile overflow weirs. After a few steps, you will receive data for your project. The relief drainage, the overflow height and the threshold or flap length are calculated for you. The weir configurator can be found here and the respective short explanatory film here.

Immediately think about making future investments future-proof. It means:
Operational safety through automation, process efficiency through networking and digitization should not be missed.

Useful solutions and suggestions for digitization and networking can be found at and or contact us.


Quickly and easily carry out the design and configuration of conventional fixed weirs as well as relief organs for accumulation and overflow structures for design planning.

After a few steps, you will receive the data for your planning with output of relief drain, overflow height and threshold or flap length. The generated data can be read into CAD programs to create a plant plan in 2D / 3D.


Our technical and operational equipment service team will assist you with the planning and execution of all machine and plant services and IT & Automation.

Send us your inquiry and we will suggest a solution.

Tel: +49 291 9929 0
Fax: +49 291 7691


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