Process water treatment

HST’s system technology for the treatment of process water

Equipment for the treatment of process water


Process wastewater has to be elaborately cleaned due to ever stricter environmental regulations. The energy for this is getting more and more expensive. Process wastewater not only contains dirt and pollutants, but also valuable raw materials, which must be recycled if possible. Chemical, physical and biological processes are all used. The preliminary analysis of production processes and associated operating data shows possible cost savings.

Our solution

After a systematic analysis process, HST delivers process-optimized and ready-to-use solutions. These are based on a modular system with standard components and IT-based networking, supplemented if necessary with special treatment solutions. The goal is to use as little drinking water, chemicals and energy as possible or to generate waste. By using HST IT systems and the knowledge of all process data, a better, because constantly adapted, load-related operation is achieved.

The details

The HST flotation techniques, lamellar separators, precipitation and flocculation reactors as well as the SBR technology for biological treatment are used for specific applications. These technologies have been trimmed for more process efficiency, e.g. Separation processes of substances even safer, more targeted or sharper. This is important when it comes to recovering raw materials. Supported by automation and IT, the limits are reliably met with higher efficiency.


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