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Equipment for rainwater treatment plants

Rainwater tanks in urban water management serve to store or retain discharge volumes in the event of corresponding precipitation events. They are thus an essential facility for water protection. The different types and arrangements require a variable range of technical equipment.

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Climate change continues and will significantly affect precipitation. A development that will show itself in quantity, intensity and regional differences. A dry winter is followed by a dry winter and hot autumn by a rainy summer. Storms and natural disasters are increasing. Accordingly, insurers are already calculating in their extrapolations. This challenges municipal water management and management of the transmission networks.

Our Solution

HST’s products and systems in the area of rainwater tanks ensure optimal utilization of building volume, optimum management, flood protection, substance retention and basin cleaning. In addition to equipment for rain overflow basins, rainwater basins and rainwater retention basins, HST also offers special equipment for hydraulic steel construction. They comply with DWA’s current standards and are state-of-the-art in terms of efficiency and safety requirements.


The equipment of HST rainwater tanks can be divided into the functions outflow control, discharge / overflow, pool cleaning and process monitoring. The modern rain basins have process-related network of equipments and can be managed on their own or in conjunction with other structures. The machines and plants are automated, as well as the process data acquisition. This is made possible by the HST process control technology SCADA and the operating management software KANiO®.


Our technical and operational equipment service team will assist you with the planning and execution of all machine and plant services and IT & Automation.

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