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2021 Q2 – HST International Highlights

IE Expo China 2021 (IFAT Shanghai 2021) and other activities in South-East Asia

From the 20th to the 22nd of April, HST team participated as an exhibitor in IE Expo China (IFAT Shanghai): “Powerful driver of environmental protection”. Despite Covid-19, this trade fair attracted more than 80,000 visitors this year. In the event, three groups of products, including Jet cleaners, Flow control devices, and Network automation software, are introduced at HST booth. For Jet cleaners, the latest development for tank cleaning, AWS-3D Jet Cleaner, is exhibited and attracts the attention of many visitors. In the last two decades, the cleaning of waste- and storm water basins were a tiring, time-consuming and costly task. Furthermore, the cleaning is challenging in some cases because the geometry and the structures of these basins varies and thus cleaning machines could not reach all dirty points to clean properly. On the other hand, this task is required on the regular basis to remove sediments such as soil and sludge, as well as reduce odors. To overcome these challenges, AWS-3D Jet Cleaner is designed with a high level of flexibility in cleaning and operation. The machine has a pivoting injector set and thus enables a larger cleaning radius. Energy-efficient cleaning and a good cleaning result are a matter of course even with widely differing basin geometries. With extensive integration of IT solution, the IntelliGrid automation option improves the cleaning result, reduces the energy consumption and prolongs the service life of the Jet Cleaners.

Fig. 1 – AWS-3D Jet Cleaner

Another state-of-the-art technology is introduced in the event is “IntelliNet”, the latest application of network automation for urban sewer network. The model simulates how an urban drainage system can prevent or delay floods in heavy rains with the application of Intellinet. Specifically, visitors can set the key parameters of precipitation events, such as rainfall intensity, time and duration, and IntelliNet can control the outflow regulators to keep the storage capacity and the discharge capability of three retention tanks at the optimal level, contributing to the prevention or delay of flooding and overflow events.

Fig. 2 – IntelliNet model

In the last product group “Flow control devices”, the models of the new four products (Alligator, Anaconda, Peliqan, and Mobi-DIR) are displayed on the booth and receive many positive feedback from the visitors.

Fig. 3 – HST presents the combined solution “Separation well”
(ASA Weir / ESK Weir, ASK Weir / HSR Screen / HydroMat  / Scum baffles)
Fig. 4 – HST Team in IFAT Shanghai 2021

Furthermore, HST participated in the online webinar “Innovative water solutions for Vietnam’s urban development – THE FUTURE IS BLUE AND GREEN”, an event sponsored by Water:hub South-East Asia, on June 4th, 2021. In this online event, HST has introduced the mass containment technology at overflow structures to water professionals. The solution is the combined application of HSR-Screen with other IT & Automation software to prevent the pollution from solid pollutants in the combined sewer channel, which is a major problem in many countries. More details of our presentation can be found on the Water:hub SEA’s LinkedIn page.  


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