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2021 Q1 – HST International Highlights

What is the future-proof technology available for cleaning waste- and rainwater storage channels and retention basins?

In the latest product brochure, HST specialist team has introduced our own developed smart machines “AWS Jet Cleaners” and the integration with IT software to optimize the cleaning process. HST smart machines “AWS Jet Cleaners” are available in many versions (1D / 2D / 3D / rotating), and thus, are suitable for different cleaning situation. Furthermore, the integration with Intelli-Systems and precipitation data from NiRA.web® reduces the operational frequency, saves energy consumption, and lengthens service life of the smart machines. Further technical details, customers’ advantages, and reference projects are described on the “AWS Jet Cleaners” brochure, which can be download here. The brochure is available for all water professionals in the water industry.

January 2021 also marks the latest footprint of HST in Southeast Asia when HST systemtechnik officially becomes a member of water:hub Southeast Asia. Through the water:hub SEA community, HST expects to introduce our cutting-edge solutions to the local municipalities and offer better services to our customers in the region. This also opens the possibilities of collaboration with the local competitive partners. This is the full introduction about HST Systemtechnik on water:hub SEA’s LinkedIn page.

Finally, 2021 is a special year with HST family because we will celebrate 40-year anniversary. We will also have other events for World Water Day (March 22) and China IFAT 2021 in Shanghai (April 20 – 22). These events will be described in the later news.


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