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KANiO® – Operational Management Software

for strong organisation units


Technical operations become more efficient and economic with KANiO®. This applies both to preparation and planning as well as documentation. It goes without saying that KANiO® is able to handle all servicing planning and quality assurance and also ensure compliance with the statutory regulations. 
Various industrial applications anable use in different organizational units, e.g., canal operations, sewage treatment plants, gas supply, water supply, and power supply companies and as well as for industry. KANiO® can be deployed in a wide range of sectors and always ensure maximum flexibility and compatibility. It is therefore ideally equipped to take on future challenges. 

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Rapid success

KANiO® is a system which adopts flexibly to your needs in many aspects. Needless to say it integrates existing IT structures such as your GIS, your process control technology and your commercial system. This enables optimal networking of all important elements.

Integrative system

KANiO® is a system which adapts flexibly to your needs in many respects. Needless to say, it integrates existing IT structures such as your GIS, your process control technology and your commercial system. This enables optimal networking of all important elements.

Support during process change

KANiO® results in maximum transparency for your operations. Accordingly, it is ideal for identifying optimization potential in your processes. You can rely on HST‘s many years of experience when implementing KANiO® and our qualified staff are on hand to offer expert support.

Assured process reliability

Implementation of KANiO® reduces your risk of investment. After all, HST offers a guarantee on your investments which, in turn, ensures process reliability. This means HST assures that your processes in the new operations management system run reliably. All of these are only possible because KANiO® functions so optimally.

Your Benefits

  • Market-leading operating control system in the water management sector
  • Additional applications for gas, electricity and industry
  • Integration in GIS, PLS and ERP systems
  • Standard application modules with special functions such as the creation of flushing plans in sewage systems
  • Mobile application


  • Operation and maintenance of water, transport and lighting networks as well as general infrastructure
  • Maintenance organisation and industrial operations
  • Real estate, building and plant maintenance

Industry Packages

Reliable and continuously controlled gas operations are essential given its exposed position in terms of energy supply in Germany. The „Gas“ industrial application allows you to plan, document and service gas supply equipment. Record all equipment data digitally and create the prerequisites for condition-based maintenance. Further information, e.g., plant images, manufacturer instructions, cross-section drawings and spare parts lists can be assigned to the systems or individual components in KANiO®

Drinking water has to satisfy the most stringent demands and specifications. This makes perfectly aligned processes within the water plant even more important. Alongside recovery, treatment and storage, the distribution of drinking water is also a focal point. Reliable framework conditions have to be in place for all these processes. KANiO® makes monitoring, needs-based servicing and process optimisation possible. What’s more, with KANiO® processes and results can be ideally documented and the statutory regulations can be managed accordingly.

Power is the driving force behind progress and wealth. With the „Power“ industrial application, KANiO® guarantees legal documentation, planning, maintenance and administration of your networks and equipment which you use for the public power supply. Within the scope of cost reduction, KANiO® functions as a smart control unit for monitoring maintenance intervals etc. Which means only that which needs maintenance is actually maintained. At the end of the day, KANiO® pays off in a whole host of ways.

Canals used to transport domestic and commercial wastewater are subject to continuous testing and monitoring in order to sustainably protect the costly investments which have been made into constructing and renovating sewage networks over the past years. KANiO® acts as an ideal planning tool to support the numerous tasks to be performed in the sewage network based on instruction sheet DWA-M 175-1 or the individual inspection ordinances of the federal states.

Sewage treatment plants, whether large or small, comprise a considerable range of fixtures and installations. In order to visualise the plant installations together with all the key figures, KANiO® offers the „Sewage treatment plant“ industrial application. All maintenance measures within the scope of servicing are planned based on the object information and activities using the standard KANiO® range of functions. The captured data combined with the equipment documentation is merged in KANiO® where it is available for evaluation and visualisation of the necessary key data.

Motivated by the desire to avoid plant downtimes and the associated costs, industrial operations often consider introducing standardised maintenance software. KANiO® is ideally tailored to the needs of technical operations and functions as an ideal tool. Interfaces to customary ERP systems for integration into the existing system environment are available as standard. The internal processes are thereby optimised and added value is enhanced. Maintenance costs are minimised and, by exploiting the optimisation potential offered by the processes, maximum machine and equipment availability is guaranteed.

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