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KANiO® Module – Order Management


With order management, you can arrange orders individually based on their content and scope, as the employee concerned is to process them. The KANiO® order assistant helps with the compilation and guides users through the individual process steps. The orders may consist of one or more deadlines, and may also include further information such as intervals cost centres or stock items. With KANiO® order management you have an overview of all orders which have already been created, partly fulfilled and confirmed. The current processing status is also displayed as a live status.

your benefits

  • Central module for creation, material planning and monitoring of orders
  • Optimum support for compiling orders with an order assistant
  • Processing state displayed as live status
  • Resubmission function for recurring processes


Orders are created and planned in order management. The operational business in KANiO® converges on this central point in the system. The system also lends itself very well to decentralised work preparation. The user can search for all issues using a wide range of filter options. For example: In which street are which measures being carried out? Export to mobile devices such as tablets is also carried out in order management.