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KANiO® Module – Workflow


Additional to all plannable tasks KANiO® supports the consideration and documentation of unpredictable, spontaneously occurring events or the inclusion of certain process sequences. For this purpose, within the workflow module, individual process sequences, such as a fault message detection or a building connection process are mapped. During the fault message detection, detected deficiencies or states are recorded by means of simple input masks, which can be configured individually for the respective operation, and forwarded for further processing. The messages can then be sent to the person responsible for the operation, e.g. the triggering of follow-up actions takes place.

Your Benefits

  • Individual configuration of the entry mask
  • Fast input and direct documentation
  • All plannable and unpredictable measures combined
  • Direct triggering of follow-up activities


You spontaneously notice damage to a system and want to record and forward it? The acquisition mask, which is individually tailored to the operation, offers the possibility of quickly and easily recording this message and forwards it to the responsible employees, also by means of an e-mail function. Due to the type of message and associated priority, a follow-up action can be initiated and executed.