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A city benefits from operational management with transponder technology

KANiO®? – A city benefits from operational management with transponder technology

Reduced personnel costs, lower energy consumption and reduced use of materials: the benefits of KANiO® as a management system in Willich’s wastewater operation have been considerable.

A special feature on-site in Willich was the approximately 17,000 transponders, which were gradually installed in the stations, manholes, sinks and buildings of the sewer system. The transponders are an important element in digital order processing and order entry. The transponders used in Willich are “passive”. This means that they are ideally suited for use in the sewer network due to their long service life and their de-energized operation. The energy is sourced from these transponders by induction. The employees are equipped with mobile devices and an external Bluetooth transponder-reader for reading out the transponders. This means that the mobile device can also be left in the vehicle on site. The transponder code can be determined via Bluetooth reader. The data are “read out” in this way, synchronized via KANiO® and made available for further processing of the orders. Using KANiO, the clerk can now more quickly identify data for billing control and report completion.

Since 2007, around 380 kilometers of sewage network, 55 kilometers of pressure pipes, 10,000 shafts and 7,700 road runs have been managed, organized and documented in the city of Willich via the operating management system KANiO® developed by HST. All in all, the innovations of HST  during the order processing enable an exact performance recording, ensure a legally secure acquisition of the monitoring results and avoid sources of error in locating the objects.