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We network. With HST for digitalizing municipal infrastructures. Future-proof equipping of premises and operations with HST Machines & Equipment and IT & Automation. Next level…

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Result: MUNICIPAL 4.0 LOUNGE at IFAT 2018

On Monday 14.05.2018, digitalization for stormwater retention basins, R. Ernst, HST Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG; Digitalization in sewer operations e.g. rat control. K. Jilg, UNITECHNICS GmbH Tuesday, 15.05.2018 Modern Operations Management of sewers and special structures. M. Eckart, HST Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Digital smell- and corrosion management in sewers with sulfide balance, K. Jilg, UNITECHNICS GmbH IT security in water management […]…

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An interview with MdB Dirk Wiese about MUNICIPAL 4.0

On 24.07.2017, the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Dirk Wiese, visited the MUNICIPAL 4.0 project. He get informed from the project managers about the digitization project and gave the go-ahead for a study to investigate how much the municipal water industry in Germany has already been digitized….

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