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Municipal 4.0

IFAT 2018 – News

We network. With HST for digitalizing municipal infrastructures. Future-proof equipping of premises and operations with HST Machines & Equipment and IT & Automation. Next level…

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Result: MUNICIPAL 4.0 LOUNGE at IFAT 2018

On Monday 14.05.2018, digitalization for stormwater retention basins, R. Ernst, HST Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG; Digitalization in sewer operations e.g. rat control. K. Jilg, UNITECHNICS GmbH Tuesday, 15.05.2018 Modern Operations Management of sewers and special structures. M. Eckart, HST Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Digital smell- and corrosion management in sewers with sulfide balance, K. Jilg, UNITECHNICS GmbH IT security in water management […]…

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IT security is the key

IT security is essential when data is transferred from water systems to the cloud. In Municipal 4.0 research project, well-known experts in the industry are…

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News 2016

Intelli-Machine control| Fast Dimensioning of Weir | Clean electricity from Wastewater | Clear water Decanter HydroKlar-Slide | MUNICIPAL 4.0 | Intelligent Flow measurement / recording…

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