Participation in Pilot projects in MUNICIPAL 4.0

HST digitizes the water sector and offers municipal partners the opportunity to participate in pilot projects

The MUNICIPAL 4.0 project was one of the 16 winners out of around 130 applicants of the technology competition “SMART SERVICE WORLD” of the BMWi. The consortium under the leadership of HST Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG aims at the development of Internet-based data and service platforms in order to enable a sustainable and thus foresighted planning and management of both technical objects and entire infrastructure networks in the water industry through digitalization. In line with the Federal Government’s digitization strategy, the benefits of the digital transformation of the economy and society (keywords such as Industry 4.0, Smart City, Smart Factory) will be transferred to the water sector and comparable infrastructures.

With this project, HST will shape the networking possibilities for a modern and more efficient network management and thus the change through digitalization in the water industry. HST is the only technology company in the water industry that already offers Web-based solutions such as Nira.web, SCADA.web and KANiO.web for the control, monitoring and operational management of water management objects in addition to innovative mechanical engineering products and systems. These will be further developed on the basis of the results of MUNICIPAL 4.0, in particular in consideration of the recently valid IT security law, and combined with corresponding Web-based data and service platforms.

An essential part of the MUNICIPAL 4.0 project is the trial of the planned developments on the basis of real projects in cooperation with municipal network and property operators as so-called associated partners. For this purpose, several cooperation agreements have already been concluded during the application process (e.g. City of Ingolstadt, City of Hagen, City of Siegen) in order to develop pilot applications such as “Simulation and Benchmarking of Water Management Objects”, “Energy and Heat Analysis from Wastewater Flows”, “Connection between Use of Road Salt and Wastewater Treatment in Wastewater Inflows to Sewage Treatment Plants in Winter” or “Gully Management” and to test them in real applications.

Additional pilot projects are planned so that we are looking for further municipalities as associated partners, who want to modernize their management organization due to their network structure and a number of special structures and who demonstrate special potentials for MUNICIPAL 4.0. The municipalities are explicitly addressed who, as participants in this model project supported by the Federal Government, want to actively shape the digitization of water management together with the other project partners and take on a pioneering role.


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