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IFAT 2018 – News

Overview, organization and regulation in operations

Get transparency and order using KANiO® operations management software, optimize processes,
get legally compliant documentation and know the timestamps of operations. Thanks to the KANiO® Dashboard, everything important is displayed. Connections to machine technology, GIS, process control and vehicle technology enable strong system integration.


Implementing IT security management

The KANiO® ISMS tool is the industry solution for IT security management in the water industry and enables tailor-made implementation of IT security concepts based on the current „Grundschutz“ safeguards from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as well as the industry standard DWA/DVGW 1060. In addition to the development of the security management system, HST supports organizational and risk analysis and is available
for internal and external security audits.

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SCADA.web process data portal

Monitoring and operating decentralized systems and networks

SCADA.web can be operated from any location via a web browser at any time. The SCADA system offers visualization, graphical analysis, reporting and an archive system according to the HST delta event standard. Integrating TeleCam video systems enables the instant display of hydrographs and video images. Thanks to its operation in a German certified data center, SCADA.web offers maximum IT security.


System control with IoT process variables

The SCADA V10 control system offers all the components of a complete SCADA system from a single source. This makes SCADA V10, the „Office“ for water management with integrated configuration, uniform user interface and user guidance as well as a complete object library.
Thanks to the HST delta event procedure, the software archives highly efficiently. The flexible reporting system based on Microsoft Excel is intuitive to use. IoT process variables can be used directly from the cloud to process and use additional process data such as precipitation data and water levels.

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Legally compliant measurement of overflow events

With SensoMatic-EMA, even the smallest of accumulation and overflow events can be precisely measured and logged. High measuring accuracy is always available due to an automatic calibration function. The measurement data evaluation is based on original raw data. This gives transparency, traceability and accurate details. Thus, legal requirements and regulations are met, active water protection guaranteed and legal certainty achieved.

NiRA.web® Precipitation portal

IoT precipitation data for controlling machines and processes

The precipitation portal NiRA.web® provides historical, current and forecast precipitation data regardless of location and installation. NiRA.web® provides high-quality precipitation data at any time without requiring the high-maintenance of a stationary rain gauge. If required, the portal provides historical precipitation data for any period at any position. Thanks to the OPC UA interface, measured data can also be made available online for automation purposes in a targeted way for controlling and regulating processes.

HSR-Screen with IntelliScreen and IoT-Connection

More water protection and backwash

Control the HSR-Screen with variable combing speeds with IntelliScreen, thus improving water protection. Information from the SCADA.web and KANiO® portals enables screen monitoring and thus increases operational safety. At the highest level, data from the precipitation portal NiRA.web® is included in the control process.

AWS-Jet Cleaner with IntelliGrid and IoT connectivity

Autonomous basin cleaning and ventilation

The AWS-Jet Cleaner is an automatic flow generator for the energy-optimized cleaning of rain basins and other storage spaces. IntelliGrid detects and acquires deposits. This enables cleaning according to demand and condition. At the highest level, data from the precipitation portal NiRA.web® is included in the control process.


Self-acting damming, flushing and discharging

The ASA-Weir provides exact water level and/or dam control and flushing of channels. Automation and IT enables cascade control and autonomous network management. Flushing waves for channel cleaning are generated in the flushing mode. ASA-Weirs are intrinsically safe and release the entire pipe

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Quick and easy access to design planning with the free Web Weir Configurator at:

HydroKlar-SLIDE - clear water Decanter

Optimally using SBR-treatment plants

HydroKlar-SLIDE clean water dischargers are versatile for both water supply and waste-water treatment plants. A special extraction device allows the extraction of large quantities of water by means of a piano key weir also in small and compact constructions. The flow rates can be flexibly set according to processes.


Digitalization and networking of municipal infrastructures

MUNICIPAL 4.0 is considered to be the flagship project of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) for the practical promotion of digitalization in municipal infrastructures and focusing on water management. The project results are tested in practice by the project partners under the guidance of HST and serve as models for future
digitalization solutions.


To safeguard project results, the association KOMMUNAL 4.0 e. V. was founded. It assists implementation of member issues from municipalities and the economy and establishes the necessary discussion forums. Strategically, it sets goals based on best practice projects and further education courses. MUNICIPAL 4.0 is involved in the creation of digitalization guides.

KOMMUNAL 4.0 e. V.

Actively shape the digital transformation of
municipal infrastructure! Become a member
of KOMMUNAL 4.0 e. V.!

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What does digitalization mean?

Digitalization mega trend: New technologies, changing requirements from the legislator – Municipalities and municipal companies face countless challenges as a result of digitalization. At the same time, digitalization offers municipalities opportunities. But what is the definition of digitalization, what are the implications and what exactly does it change in water management?

Shaping the digital future – we support your digital transformation

Professional and practical advanced education courses from KOMMUNAL 4.0’s further education provide basic and expert knowledge. The courses offer practical examples.

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