alarming facts!!!

  • 74% of the emitted plastic is microplastics
  • 22% of the waste water passing into our inland water is UNPURIFIED
  • A person, in average, eats, drinks, and inhales FROM 74,000 TO 121,000 MICROPLASTIC PARTICLES each year
  • Plastic production is forecasted to rise from 0,3 in 2014 to 1,1 BILLION TONS in 2050
  • INTELLIGENT MANAGEMENT reduces plastic emissions
  • MAIN CAUSES: traffic, infrastructure, construction industry
  • Inland and coastal waters significantly MORE POLLUTED than offshore



  • ABSORB the TOXIC chemicals easily & become the HOST of HARMFUL bacteria
  • POSE direct threats to aquatic life
  • PENETRATES into human’s food chains, potentially threatening our health
  • … & MORE IMPACTS are being researched




HSR-Screen brings a mature solution for coarse and fines retention in rain relief structures. The HSR heavy-duty screen is a horizontal screen with automatic cleaning device. It is regularly used as an effective measure for active water protection at overflows / discharges of mixed sewers and in the intake of floor filters.

IntelliScreen is used for intelligent calculation control and regulation as well as for improving the quality of the water. The essential requirement for the automation of the computer system is, in addition to the required high operational reliability, an automatically optimized computing operation by means of dynamic speed control of the combing device, with the possibility of improving the water quality. Furthermore, it is possible to react to strongly fluctuating water levels in order to avoid backwater. For this reason, the operating limits of the computer system can additionally be regulated or limited by means of a freely adjustable setpoint specification. Communication with NiRA.web enables rainfall-dependent channel management.

Originally, the IntelliScreen system solution was designed for the HST HSR rake. In principle, however, IntelliScreen can also be used to operate the horizontal bar screens from other manufacturers.

Nira.web® is a provisioning offer for precipitation data from HST and the MeteoGroup. The data provided is obtained from radar images and calibrated over a dense network of conventional rainstopters. Through this combination of radar and classical ground survey network, historic, current and forecast precipitation data can be made available for each location in the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. This innovative technology offers significant benefits for water management and flood protection.

NiRA.web® provides a web-based information portal that provides rainfall data anytime, anywhere. The available data are clearly and clearly prepared. A user-friendly evaluation graphically displays the series of measurements. The evaluated series of precipitation can be exported directly to Excel or CSV format or automatically to third-party systems. In addition, the portal provides a cartographic representation of rainfall development in Germany with calibrated 6-hour rainfall totals.16 Radar stations and over 1,500 ground monitoring stations collect precipitation data and generate forecasts of up to 72 hours using special weather models.

In addition, NiRA.web® provides up-to-date rainfall and precipitation forecasting information via an OPC UA interface directly to other software systems such as SCADA.web or KANiO®. A special added value is that precipitation information can be transmitted directly to the automation systems online and thus used as a further process variable in automation.

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