Product Description

IntelliScreen is used for intelligent calculation control and regulation as well as for improving the quality of the water. The essential requirement for the automation of the computer system is, in addition to the required high operational reliability, an automatically optimized computing operation by means of a dynamic speed control of the combing device, with the possibility of improving the water quality. Furthermore, it is possible to react to strongly fluctuating water levels in order to avoid backwater. For this reason, the operating limits of the computer system can additionally be regulated or limited by means of a freely adjustable setpoint specification. Communication with NiRA.web enables rainfall-dependent channel management.

Originally, the IntelliScreen system solution was designed for the HST HSR-Rake. However, IntelliScreen typically can also be used to operate the horizontal bar screens from other manufacturers.


  • Rainwater and mixed water treatment plants
  • Stormwater Overflow
  • Relief Buildings

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