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SMART Machine
Floating Material Retention (HSR-Screen)


The HSR-Screen is a state of the art overflow bar screen installed in all kinds of overflow structures of combined sewer channels (CSO). It is a full automatically operating system to retain floating debris and solids inside the sewer channel, preventing them of being released into the receiving waters without treatment. Therefore the HSR-Screen contributes significantly to a reduction of BOD being released into our natural waters during emergency overflows. The HSR high-performance screen is a horizontal bar screen with an automated cleaning system.

Your Benefits

  • “Bullet shaped” bars reduce hydraulic losses resulting in a reduction of the upstream water level
  • Fully automatic cleaning device for safe operation
  • Automatic message send to service team in case of a malfunction
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Optional: integrated tele control and operation data recording


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When water flows go through the HSR-Screen, floating debris are retained by the screening area. The screening area consists of parallel bars. Several cleaning trolleys, which are equipped with rakes, clean the screen surface in clockwise and anticlockwise motion. Cleaning is done before and between the bars. The discharge of the screenings to a low-flow zone takes place on the upper side and remains in the inlet. The cleaning unit is driven electro-hydraulically with a hydraulic cylinder.

If the screen system is additionally equipped with a traversing device, the screen will automatically be moved out of the relief cross section when laid (optional version).



Machine Technology

  • Other materials
  • Strong bars
  • Oil-tray stainless steel
  • Level and temperature measurement
  • Stowage wall for the horizontal position
  • Baffle plate for the vertical position
  • Stowage flap behind the screen
  • Divided Screen
  • Screen sluice

IntelliScreen Automation

Improved retention / filtering effect through the use of intelligent screening / – filter systems for overflows from the sewer system into the water.

Efficient fabric retention and increase of water quality through additional filtering.

Switching system:

  • Switching system
  • Hand level via switch
  • With external carbinet
  • TeleMatic
  • smartSCADA
  • Level Measurement
  • smartKANiO
  • Electronic volume evaluation

Divided Screen

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