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Unlimited monitoring of plants on the internet

product description

SCADA.web is the portal for remote monitoring for operators of decentralised plants and networks in the water and energy industry. SCADA.web impresses with its simple and intuitive operation and with a complete range of functions. This includes the visualisation and operation of processes via clear process images, the analysis of process data via hydrographs and reports and the complete alarm management system including the remote sending of alarms to the on-call services.
There is a good reason that SCADA.web has received multiple awards.

SCADA.web – The all-round care free package
Investment costs and operating costs are reduced considerably with the option of operating SCADA.web which can be operated in a German computer centre. Purchasing server hardware and the procurement of software licences for operating systems and for the SCADA software itself is not required. Furthermore, the computer centre also assumes ensuring the availability and IT security and guarantees the data backups required. The investment required is limited to a usage fee, comparable to the fee when signing a mobile phone contract. The automatic provision of all software update is already included in the usage fee.
Alternatively, instead of being used in a computer centre, SCADA.web can, of course, be used in your company and installed on a server system. In this case, the SCADA.web software is purchased once and the system administrator is then in your hands.

SCADA.web – Flexible and open
We are of the opinion that „closed shop solutions“ lead to severe limitations during usage and that they are also not cost-effective. SCADA.web supports the current industry standards, for example, OPC UA and hence enables connection to remote control systems from different manufacturers. The provision of data from SCADA.web is also performed via standard interfaces.

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