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Lamella separators

Product Description

Typically, HST lamella separators are installed in stormwater retention tanks and wastewater treatment plants. Sediments and sludge are efficiently separated from the stormwater and combined sewage water. The solid particles in the liquid settle on the sloped lamellas and slide along the smooth surface towards the floor. The solids settle on the floor below the lamellas and can be removed for disposal by means of a water jet after the tank has been emptied. Thanks to the even inflow distribution to each plate, an optimum operation with high output is guaranteed. By installing lamella separators in, for example, stormwater tanks, an improvement in efficiency is achieved because the area for settlement is considerably increased. The layout of lamella separators is designed to suit the specific application so that optimum customization and maximum flexibility is guaranteed.  

Your Benefits

  • Space- and cost-saving when compared to conventional tanks and containers
  • Very low operating and maintenance costs
  • Space-saving sedimentation process as settling surface in many times larger
  • Optimum operation with high output


  • Storage channels for stormwater tanks
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Treatment of process water and sewage
  • Preparation of potable water and industrial or service water

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