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Precipitation / flocculation unit / system

SMART Machine / System / Plant

Product Description

In the precipitation, the targeted addition of precipitants or pH-value shift substances dissolved in the water is converted into undissolved substances. In the subsequent flocculation, the dissolved water ingredients are converted into a sparingly soluble form to form settleable flakes. The forming flakes can be separated from the water by physical processes (sedimentation, filtration, flotation).

By monitoring the process in the precipitation / flocculation stage and the use of coordinated dosing technology, a highly efficient operating regime is achieved. The know-how of the HST engineers guarantees the choice of suitable auxiliaries and corresponding process efficiency.

Your Benefits

  • Systemic construction
  • Highly efficient operating regime through monitoring and adaptation to operating parameters
  • HydroMatic process automation


  • Drinking and process water treatment
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Process water treatment plants

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