To HST, working systematically means guaranteeing competence in the solution and responsibility for the whole. When customers invest, they want to be sure they are getting a future-oriented, compatible system for their money. In addition, they want to remain independent of special suppliers so they can react flexibly to innovation and new demands. That is understandable; we think the same way at HST.

Freely accessible and flexible

Therefore, we bet either on open creations of our own or on solutions that are based on freely accessible and flexible standards.

Safe and reliable

This allows us to create smart connections between systems and machines that make complex processes reliably controllable and repeatable. This way, processes are designed and optimised both technically and economically. System technology as we understand it, allows for combinations that unite economic efficiency and variety with sustainable protection in products, software and project completion.

Always getting better

We create our innovations at HST in the context of our customers‘ needs and develop the new developments to a market maturity that provides the users with significant benefits. Nevertheless, we do not hang on to once-successful implemented products, but see them more as a challenge to do it better next time. There is a system.