Measurement data acquisition and exact determination of overflow and flow rates in the application areas partial and full filling


The system EMA (electronic volume evaluation) offers an optimum solution for precise collection and evaluation of overflow quantities which has been released via fixed weir thresholds. The EMA system consists of the following components:

EMA panel variable mechanical construction with E scale optics for recording, protection and precise adjustment of the sensors.

EMA sensors high precision continuous measurement recording and additional level set-points for calibration

EMA controller High resolution collection and archiving of measurement data using the Delta-Event-Process with verification and calibration functions.

EMA evaluation operator friendly data evaluation with graphic analysis tool and logging based on Microsoft Excel.

EMA measuring profile structured measuring profile to equalise structural height difference and for improvement in accuracy.

Your Advantages

  • Calibration and reference points via digital height benchmarks
  • Maintenance-friendly access and precise adjustment of the sensors.
  • Very precise measurement of the flood height
  • Long term archiving of raw and calculated values e.g. on a CF card.
  • High level of precision due to structured measuring profile.
  • Operator friendly evaluation.
  • Reporting system based on Excel in accordance with the official specifications.
  • Automatic sending of reports in PDF format
  • Alarm function

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EMA-Panel (Basic component)
Service-friendly access:
  • Sensor insert that can be removed from above
  • Snaps back into place after maintenance (the position and reference height of the reference sensor will remain unchanged
Optical display and adjustment:
  • Optical display of relevant reference heights, for example upper course edge of the weir threshold via e-scaling with freely adjustable displays
  • Simple mechanical adjustment and, at the same time, the exact adjustment of the height reference point for permanent calibration
Highly accurate sensors
  • High resolution measurement of base values, for example the liquid level via hydrostatic probes/or radar. Measurement error: max. 1 mm/2 mm
  • More precise reference value for calibration, for example liquid level limit value via capacitive measurement probe. Assured operating distance: less than 1 mm
  • Approved for use in explosion protection zones
EMA measurement profile
  • To improve accuracy
  • To compare structural height differences at the overflow edge
  • For classification of the cross-sectional and flow through profile
EMA software
  • High resolution measurement value capture
  • Acquisition of reference signa
  • Checking of measurement values
  • Processing of measurement values
  • Archiving in accordance with the delta event method
  • Direct data transmission (e.g. GPRS)
EMA System Modular System

The HST EMA system is the optimal solution for the high precision determination and evaluation of heavy rain and overflow amounts at fixed weir thresholds, movable gates/weirs and in discharge lines, as well as for the measurement of flow through and outflow amounts in sewers, channels and pipelines in the partial and complete filling application areas. The HST EMA modular system provides the right system components for every task.

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HST near your location

Deutschland Germany

HST Systemtechnik
Heinrichsthaler Straße 8
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+49 – (0) 291 – 99 29 -0
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  • Hamburg Airport GmbH
    Flow measurement surface and rainwater, here combination flow measurement in open channels and overflow measurement at fixed weir threshold
  • Municipal utilities Bochum discharge quantity measurement in special structures in the sewage network on fixed weirs, flaps and in discharge channels
  • Economics Business Hagen discharge quantity measurement in special structures in the sewage network at fixed weir barriers, too, part under difficult hydraulic conditions (long threshold with non-linear flow behavior)
  • Municipality of Neuhausen ob Eck
    Drain and relief flow measurement Wastewater treatment plant and drainage measurement Retention soil filter system
  • City council Metzingen / Disposal business Remscheider / Lengerich city / Local community Ebhausen / Geseke city / Babenhausen market / Unna public utilities
    Relief volume measurements in special structures in the sewer system on fixed weir sleepers with high accuracy through the additional use of articulated measuring profiles


Watervision - Know-how...

Measurement and logging of accumulation and discharge events with SensoMatic-EMA

We have summarized important information on the topic of measuring and logging congestion and relief events as a guide for you.

We would be pleased to inform you about the various applications, measuring principles and expansion options, also for increasing the accuracy as well as the automatic calibration of the EMA system.

On request, you will receive the printed copy by mail or via e-mail as an e-paper.