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RSK/P-Flap Valve


Floater-supported RSK/P-Flap Valves reliably protect against backwater and flooding. Using adjustable weighted lever mechanics in combination with a floater, opening and closing times can be precisely set. The flap gates are available in nominal widths DN 250 to DN 2500 in both rectangular and circular formats.

Your Benefits

  • Safe opening and closing
  • Level control using floaters
  • Round and rectangular versions
  • large nominal widths series


  • Sewage systems
  • Outlets/overflows
  • Storm water tank
  • Separating structures

Questions about the product?

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Maximilian Köster

Product Management
Tel: +49 (0) 175 2288895


RSK / P flaps consist of a swiveling flap body arranged underwater. They are stored above the discharge opening and are open in the basic position.

A combined weight and float mechanism and a moment cam provide automatic closing and opening at defined water levels.

RSK / P flaps do not generate hydraulic losses as they close only when needed to prevent backflow.


Switching system

  • EMA

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