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Electro-hydraulically controlled flap-weir
Flow Control (ESK-Weir)

Product description

Electro-hydraulic Weirs for controllable reservoir target level retention and backwater/flood. The ESK-Weir is implemented in areas where different amounts of water are discharged from constant and variable reservoir target levels. Because they are equipped with the most modern automation technology and drive actuation, reservoir target levels can be managed based on events and/or time. ESK weirs are available with electronic and hydraulic drives.

Your Benefits

  • Energy reservoir even in case of a power failure movable
  • Adjustable reservoir target levels
  • Option: Energy reservoir for power failures
  • Option: Flood version multi-directional (4-way) sealing
  • simple retrofitting
  • Automation with integrated telecontrol and operational data recording


  • Storm water tanks / sewer reservoirs
  • Rain overflows
  • Separating structures
  • Receiving waters
  • Hydropower plants

Questions about the product?

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Product Management
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There are two ESK-Weir variants, underflow and overflow weir systems. In the overflowed weir, the weir is overflowed by the upper water and then enters the underwater. The weir is stored on the concrete sleeper. In the underflow variant, water can be relieved over the weir barrier. The weir is mounted on the building ceiling or on the weir thresholds. In most cases, the ESK-Weirs are powered electro-hydraulically. Another alternative is an electrical drive. With the ESK-Weir the upper water is kept up to the maximum level. This is recorded by a level measurement in the building in front of the weir. Once water reaches the max level, the weir opens until the excess amount of water is relieved. In case of flooding on the underwater side, the ESK-Weir closes against the upper water and, at the same time, the sewer system. Typically, ESK-Weirs are supplied with an EMSR set-up that performs a dry-running of the system once a day.


Switching system

  • Hand level via switch
  • With external cabinet
  • Telematic
  • smartSCADA
  • Rotary encoder
  • Level measurement of upper water
  • smartKANiO

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