For cost optimization and meeting of deadlines, for material efficiency and preservation of resources

In the new HST machine and equipment manufacturing plant in Ramsbeck, in the vicinity of the HST headquarters in Meschede, all stainless steel products for the mechanical engineering and process technology division are processed and assembled at the highest quality level. The plant possesses the “Comprehensive Qualification Certificate” according to DIN 18800 Class D, as well as a mordanting plant for the surface treatment of large surface constructions.

Modern manufacturing – Made in Germany

HST develops and manufactures all products in cooperation with qualified suppliers in Germany. The manufacturing plants for machines and equipment and/or electrical engineering are organized as slim functional units without their own management. The modern production technologies and methods are supported and complemented by skilled craftsmen and technicians right up to the installation process.

Flexible, with short cycle times

The HST manufacturing process, installation and permanent quality assurance enable short cycle times and flexibility – a good precondition for deadline and cost-oriented construction. Besides manufacturing of own products and equipment, individual contract manufacture in the field of sheet metal processing and secondary contract work are carried out. All construction services and component parts development are carried out using Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology.

Flexible standards with the principle of system technology

By using of industrial standards and interfaces, prefabricated modules and process cycles, HST manufactures project-related individually at minimally higher costs than for a standard product, but still at significantly lower costs than individual production and banks on so-called “flexible standards”. For HST production the principles of system technology apply. For all, which is developed and manufactured by HST, the advantage of “flexible standards” is perfectly combined with the customer’s benefit of “individual high-quality products” on a similar price level as series productions.