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At the company headquarters in Heinrichsthal and Ramsbeck, 155 employees are working on digitalization in the area of ​​municipal infrastructures and are developing solutions for the buildings and businesses of the water industry. The company’s portfolio includes technology in machinery & equipment as well as in IT & automation for the critical processes and monitoring of e.g. water management, sewage treatment plants, rainwater basins, pumping stations and stormwater protection facilities. Just a few years after the company was founded in 1981, the HST shareholders took a foresighted vision in IT & Automation as a part of the company’s development in addition to machinery technology. The developed products for real-time data processing and corporate organization are installed nationwide in almost 1,000 municipalities.

German technologies and companies are globally in demand for efficient water management infrastructures and play a leading role. HST is currently delivering its latest innovations to the metropolitan areas of Asia. In China, HST solutions are increasingly playing an important role in water management. In the near future, a few hundred thousand storage tanks for heavy rain will be built on the German model. When equipping these basins, HST’s technology, which is networked with IT, is particularly important because it enables higher effectiveness and efficiency than conventional technologies.