The right fit for everyone

Every project is unique. It is thus extremely important to be able to flexibly adapt to new framework conditions. We have proven this until now with over 8,000 successful projects and numerous products.


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Communities, Associations, Operators

Safety is our top priority when it comes to planning and financing as well as the construction and maintenance of your municipal infrastructure. We know that especially in water management, but also in the regenerative energy industry, large renovation and new construction projects are planned in the coming years in many places. We will take on this huge responsibility together with you. Benefit from our know-how and our outstanding products, e.g., SCADA.web, the innovative online equipment monitoring system.

Use our product-solution for wastewater heat utilization, e.g. our Pure flux P. We will inform your city council and you about the opportunities in your municipality.

Engineering offices and planners

What is important to you as a planner when you conceptualise systems and installations for the water management industry, energy industry and other infrastructure industries? Certainly that they are efficiently designed and assessed. HST supports you with exactly this – thanks to creative solutions. Be it with market-leading products, projection recommendations, circumspect planning, for example when calculating the cost-effectiveness, the creation of drawings and announcement texts or comparison for investment and operation costs and, finally, of course with implementing the project.

Use for instance our new web-based configurators for the layout of machines and IT (e.g. for ASK weirs, SCADA systems) or have an individual consultation with us.

Public utility companies

Even today public utilities companies bear a lot of responsibility for the safe, economic and environmentally friendly operation of their own infrastructure. Enormous efficiency potential can be realised here with the networked IT solutions from HST. The more intelligent the networking, the better the result. HST is at hand to help. Whether for new constructions, renovations or for operation: We supply everything from a single source. For the servicing, planning and control of technical processes, for public utilities companies, the focus is on the KANiO® operations management and maintenance software. This enables working processes to be tangibly simplified and data to be reliably documented on-site.

For municipal utilities, our solutions in the field of hydropower utilization and wastewater heat are particularly interesting. In our IT & Automation division, the operating and maintenance software KANiO® is in the foreground.

Industry and trade

Be it for technical operations management or for process and wastewater management: Together with you, we identify the cost drivers in your company and develop solution strategies. Have you ever considered making good use of your wastewater heat? Let us discuss the potential of your company in terms of equipment and technology in the water management, energy management and other infrastructure areas. You will be amazed at what is possible. Have you ever considered the impact of precipitation on your processes? NiRA.web® provides all the information required simply and flexibly.

Save more water, chemicals, energy – renovate your plants. We modernize your technology with our RetroFit solutions.

Original equipment manufacturers, OEM providers

When equipping your products, remember that the future lies in networking products. The software in your products should, therefore, be adapted accordingly. Of course, the decision in favour of this kind of software must be well considered. However, we have already been able to demonstrate our leading edge in numerous applications. We would be delighted to demonstrate to you our customised IT and automation solutions, including under the framework conditions stipulated by you. You can use our software products in your solutions or, alternatively, use our developments for independent products marketed under your brand name.

You can also use our software products in your solutions or use our developments for stand-alone products under your brand. For example, you can integrate our sources of KANiO® for the maintenance of street lighting and use licensed SCADA.web for the monitoring of biogas plants.

Construction companies

The cost pressure on construction projects is high. HST offers you high-quality technical equipment at attractive conditions. We supply components from our own production as well as supplementary products, e.g. for the shaft equipment. We have framework agreements for cooperative procurement from various production facilities in Germany and abroad and can, therefore, offer cost-effective solutions according to high-quality standards defined by us. Do not miss out on this competitive advantage.

You will receive a special service right in the offer phase. Often, design variants and special suggestions are the keys to success. Our products (such as Twin-Flap for stormwater pumping stations) make it possible to downsize or rationalize structures. We are happy to introduce this to you.

System manufacturers

Do you have an interesting announcement, request or already have the order for a plant for which you are now looking for the optimal technical components? HST offers leading and versatile proven products in many segments of your market, giving you the assurance of reliable quality and service. We also offer you extremely advantageous cooperation conditions and compensation transactions if you regularly include our products in your offers.

With SCADA.web, we also have a service-friendly solution for customers who want to monitor their systems comprehensively, but simply and easily.


Government agencies and institutions

Do you operate your own measuring networks, e.g. for stormwater protection? Or check technical facilities of environmental protection, e.g. regarding compliance with limit values? HST supplies network-independent TeleMatic station technology for the acquisition and storage of data. This saves costs for the provision of electricity and connections. HST data portals such as SCADA.web or the HST precipitation database NiRA.web® provide such information. We can find out together which system is suitable for you

KANiO® is also used for monitoring. Wherever you need regular and irregular checks and control is required, KANiO® or KANiO®.web is suitable.

Training facilities

Use our software products SCADA.web, SCADA V10 and KANiO® with a “Hochschulbzw. Student discount ” if you are training at colleges or equivalent institutions. In the fields of environmental technology, urban water management, energy technology, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, we can offer you training material and guest lectures. Also, students are welcome to write their thesis in our practice. Contact us. We always have interesting topics.

Whether it is for training purposes or for laboratory equipment: HST SCADA systems are among the top equipment when it comes to processing data acquisition and its evaluation.