Extreme weather events with heavy rainfall are frequent features of climate change. Housing development and paving of green spaces are increasing the run off volume entering the sewer networks, often beyond their capacities. The polluted excess water either causes fl ooding of urban areas or it is released directly into local waters, known as combined sewer overfl ow (CSO). Both scenarios cause severe threats to public health and to aquatic life in our rivers and lakes. We consider these kinds of CSOs as unacceptable in a modern society. To prevent this, it is necessary to build either storm water retention basins or deep storage tunnels.

At HST intelligent storm water and CSO management means network of smart HST products linked by HST process control technology SCADA to other objects in the urban water- and sewage infrastructure. The products supplied by HST ensure the optimum usage of storage volume, best BOD reduction as well as the removing of sediments from basins and in deep storage tunnels. This results in the most cost effective and reliable operation of the entire infrastructure. All equipment complies with the current standard of the German Water Association (DWA) and is state of the art technology concerning effi ciency and safety requirements.

The layout of HST storm water and CSO storage facilities can be divided into the functions: Overfl ow control and management, cleaning devices, process monitoring. Modern storm water storage facilities are provided with an integrated process technology. The HST-ASA-Weir technology allows the management of CSO storage tunnels in conjunction with the entire sewer system. The multi-functional, vertical lifting weir creates additional storage volume by cascading. It controls fl ow and water levels and allows programmable fl ushing sequences. Expertise combined with innovative technologies make HST a valuable partner for CSO technologies and solutions.

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1 | ASK-Weir

Automatic buoyancy regulated flap weir. Due to the maximum of operational safety and reliability it...

RSK/P-Flap Valve

2 | RSK/P-Flap Valve

Return flap gate protection against flooding from the receiving water site in sewage treatment plants and / or sewer systems.


3 | HSR-Screens

The advanced solution for the coarse- and fine matter retention on rain relief structures. The...

AWS-Flush Bucket

4 | AWS-Flush Bucket

Automatic acting tipping bucket. It is the solution with low operating cost for the cleaning of...

AWS-Jet Cleaner

5 | AWS-Jet Cleaner

Automatic acting stream jet with IntelliGrid


6 | HydroMat-E

The most economical flow control, electronically adjustable, ideal for replacing mechanical...


7 | HydroMat-Q

The default - the economic, innovative and low-maintenance drainage control systems


9 | SensoMatic-EMA

Measuring technique and data logging – everything under control.


10 | KANiO.web

Web-based management for systems and networks


11 | SCADA V10

Process control software for process control, process monitoring and logging. The SCADA package for...


12 | SCADA.web

Web portal for remote monitoring and control of spatially distributed plants.


13 | TeleMatic

PC-based process monitoring and control technology, telecontrol and automation grow together for...


14 | NiRA.web

Precipitation is measured with radar - nationwide and current. The data service NiRa.web is a joint product of HST and MeteoGroup.


15 | TeleCam