According to IPCC and other experts extreme weather events and very high levels of rainfall will be more frequent features of climate change. This increases the risk of fl ooding and the potential for subsequent damage. Depending on the local topography it may be necessary to protect residential areas from the effects of fl ooding by building storm water retention tanks or by the provision of storm water or combined sewer pumping systems to pump into the receiving water. This will ensure that predetermined high water levels are not exceeded. Otherwise there is the danger of back up and possible collapse of the sewer or channel system.

As far back as 20 years ago HST was providing polder storm water holding tanks and storm water pumping stations with smart control equipment. This type of construction and equipment has proven itself over the years and has been technically further developed and refined. In combination with accurate rainfall forecasts the user has now the possibility to operate the storm water protection plant in a reliable and secure manner. All the processes involved are controlled by the HST automation and process control technology.

ASK-Weirs are used to ensure maximum utilisation of the available storm water retention capacity. By this means the operating times for the retention can be reduced. In addition the storm water pump sizes can be reduced. Moveable 2-way fl aps in conjunction with discharge tube mounted submersible pumps allow the construction of storm water pumping stations on a smaller surface area. This means that sump structures for shut-off or diversion valves or dual relief lines are not necessary. The control and monitoring function is carried out by the process control system SCADA V10 in conjunction with rainfall data from NiRA.web. Maintenance and upkeep is organised by KANiO®.

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