Energy prices will continue to rise. This increased cost pressure together with the need to reduce carbon emissions require new methods for handling resources and recovery of the available energy. The options for heat recovery from sewage is now being examined by the experts. The potential is huge. By making use of the heat which can be extracted from sewage about 10% of the buildings In Germany could be heated. Sewage supply is reliable, available and
contains heat energy which has already been paid for. The technology required exists already. Swimming pools for example could make use of this heat energy.

HST designs and manufactures not only the basic components for energy recovery in the form of efficient heat exchangers but also provides complete smart-networked sewage heat recovery systems with the required extraction valves, heat pumps and system components for energy recovery in facilities such as swimming pools. The central data collection and evaluation is carried out by TeleMatic. SCADA V10 / SCADA. web is used for monitoring, analysis and
balancing. The operation software KANiO® supports the organisation of maintenance function and digital plant documentation.

The use of the heat exchanger Pure Flux F means that heat can be recovered from sewage even in buildings with limited space availability. The Pure Flux P2 heat exchanger is suitable for high heat performance and for cascading. With regard to energy recovery from sludge, the HST sludge recuperating unit in modular form provides a simple and effi cient process. For energy recovery from existing sewage pipes we offer the heat exchanger Pure Flux P.

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Pure flux P

1 | Pure flux P

Heat for the operation building

Pure flux P2

2 | Pure flux P2

The heat exchanger provides heat within standardised constructions


3 | AWS-Flush Sluice

The technical sophisticated variation for the cascade flushing.

STW/V Scum Baffle

4 | STW/V Scum Baffle

To hold back floating matter on overflows and apertures.


5 | KANiO

Workforce management for cost-effective maintenance


6 | SCADA V10

Process control software for process control, process monitoring and logging. The SCADA package for...


7 | SCADA.web

Web portal for remote monitoring and control of spatially distributed plants.


8 | TeleMatic

PC-based process monitoring and control technology, telecontrol and automation grow together for...