With our comprehensive service packages, we support you as a user from the idea through the configuration to the safe operation of your systems. A team of qualified and highly motivated experts as well as an optimal IT infrastructure guarantee professional support for our products and systems. In doing so, we assure you short reaction times – all as part of tailor-made service contracts. HST uses special management systems to ensure professional service. Our trouble ticket system always displays the processing status of a reported error while at the same time making product quality transparent. The support hotline can be used for 365 days around the year. In addition, a support forum is available, which represents a comprehensive knowledge base and offers solutions to current tasks. If you wish, you can transfer the entire service process of your system to us.


HST Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Heinrichsthaler Straße 8
D-59872 Meschede
Tel: +49 – (0) 291 – 99 29 -0
Fax: +49 – (0) 291 – 76 91


  • Carrying out inspections and maintenance
  • Execution of repair services
  • Inventories, documentation, revisions
  • System reviews and optimizations


  • Support Hotline
  • 24 hours / 365 days support hotline (optional)
  • Bug fix with reaction times
  • Update Deployment
  • Update arrangement
  • Spare parts supply TeleMatic (optional)
  • System reviews and optimizations


Our technical and operational equipment service team will assist you with the planning and execution of all machine and plant services and IT & Automation.

Send us your inquiry and we will suggest a solution.

Tel: +49 291 9929 0
Fax: +49 291 7691


With our qualified team of mechanical, electrical and process engineers as well as computer scientists and our more than 30 years of experience in the water and utility industry, we guarantee professional support and the value retention of your equipment. Our services include measurement programs or campaigns for the provision of planning data or for the preparation of balancing, as well as the commissioning and retraction of plants. Of course, you can also put the operation of technical solutions in our hands. We then not only take care of the maintenance, but also the actual operating process. At the same time, our IT systems constantly inform us about what has happened and the condition of the equipment. If you have, for example, decided to purchase our state-of-the-art KANiO® management system and do not have your own resources for data collection, input and configuration, we provide the services you need directly or through a network of solution partners.


We carry out your inspection, maintenance and servicing processes on the basis of our KANiO service platform. This allows an overview of upcoming services as well as an optimization of our inspection tours to your plants. The KANiO “Multi Tour” function records and, as far as possible, bundles maintenance orders within a region. This allows us to minimize the costs for our customers. If our products are equipped with smartSCADA or your systems with SCADA.web, we can perform our service intervals according to the condition. The customer can retrieve the information about the condition of the machines just as easily. In addition, we supply our machines with service tools: the customer already gets access to our database when they buy the products. Thus, all documents, operating instructions etc. are available to him for the duration of the warranty and service periods.