Airports are a particular challenge from the point of view of water management. The runways and parking areas of the aircraft are sealed with concrete and accordingly have a complex rainwater and wastewater drainage system. Precipitation of all kinds must be safely collected and treated or even processed. To make matters worse, especially in the winter with the defrosting of aircraft chemical substances enter the wastewater, which are not environmentally friendly. An airport in southern Germany operates three HST Jet cleaners with 13.5 KW for its rain chambers.. In these chambers, where the rainwater collects from the runway, it also comes to dirt deposits, e.g. by tire abrasion and brake dust.

With three jet cleaners equipped with IntelliGrid technology, the operators of the airport whirl up the settled sediment in the chamber, pump it off together with waste water and clean it with a lamellar clarifier. Further treatment of wastewater contaminated with de-icing agents is carried out by means of a pressure-release flotation. To assist with process control, the operating data is automatically recorded and logged as a continuous reference variable. The system meets all environmental standards and works transparently.

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