Drinking water system: Modernization during operation

Since the water pumped in the Hessian town of Queckborn for the city of Gießen did not meet the requirements of the applicable drinking water regulations in terms of pH, a deacidification system had to be installed. At the same time, the entire plant was modernized. However, since the drinking water should always be available to residents, the renovation and modernization measures had to take place during operation. The automation solution developed by Public Utilities Gießen consisted of the monitoring and control system TeleMatic with embedded controllers from Beckhoff and the process control system SCADA V10 (HydroDat), both from HST. The production processes are now continuously monitored by control and automation processes. Even a short-term optimization of the promotion is thus immediately possible. The fully automated and unattended operation makes a significant contribution to the reliable supply of consumers with deacidified water and also improves the economic efficiency of the system. After a good six months, the remodelling and modernization work was successfully completed. The implementation was carried out by Passavant & Watec – a solution partner of HST.


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