The EU environmental standards from Brussels are strict, especially for wastewater treatment in the food industry. Near Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania with 350,000 inhabitants, HST has built one of the most modern wastewater treatment plants in the Baltic country. For a slaughter and meat processing plant, a wastewater treatment plant with a flotation for fat separation and subsequent SBR stage for biological pollutant removal was developed. The plant treats 100 m³ of wastewater daily. The construction took place in the spring of 2010 after just under half a year of the existing partnership with the Lithuanian market provider UAB ENEKA. The entire equipment with machine technology was placed in containers, which was prefabricated and functionally tested in the German manufacturing plant of HST. This reduced construction and commissioning on site to a minimum. A novelty is the funnel-shaped sludge cyclone made of stainless steel, which is intended for the excess sludge. In it, the murky water is removed more effectively from the mud. Less water in the mud reduces the volume to be disposed of and thus the costs. The system was equipped with HST IT systems to ensure manufacturer support from Germany.

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