Product description

The HSR-Screen is a state of the art overflow bar screen installed in all kinds of overflow structures of combined sewer channels (CSO). It is a full automatically operating system to retain floating debris and solids inside the sewer channel, preventing them of being released into the receiving waters without treatment. Therefore the HSR-Screen contributes significantly to a reduction of BOD being released into our natural waters during emergency overflows. The HSR high-performance screen is a horizontal bar screen with an automated cleaning system..

  • “Bullet shaped” bars reduce hydraulic losses resulting in a reduction of the upstream water level
  • Fully automatic cleaning device for safe operation
  • Automatic message send to service team in case of a malfunction
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Optional: integrated tele control and operation data recording
  • Combined sewer channels
  • Any kind of overflow structure (CSO)
  • Storm water retention tanks
  • Pre-treatment for soil filters

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