Product description

The AWS-Jet Cleaner is an automatically acting current generator for energy-optimised cleaning of storm water tanks and sewage storage spaces. A powerful pump with injector set generates a water-air mixture as propulsion and cleaning jet. The HST software HydroMatic is used for the energy-efficient control of the flushing process. The AWS-Jet Cleaner (static) in the standard version cannot pivot and consists of a pump aggregate and an injector set. The AWS pivoting stream jet is equipped with a pivoting injector set and this allows for a large flushing radius. An energy efficient flushing and a good flushing result are also a matter of course even with very different tank geometry.

SMART Machine function IntelliGrid

IntelliGrid automation allows for results-oriented flushing of storm water tanks. The AWS-Jet Cleaner receives feedback about the results of the work performed and can learn how to flush the tank with the lowest possible expenditures. This method represents the first tank flushing system with real result monitoring and process efficiency. The collection of the flushing results is done via a contamination screen for the bottom of the tank. Location and intensity of deposits can be determined by manually entering it into the automation control panel or automatically using an optical camera.



  • energy efficient mode of operation
  • optical contamination recognition
  • suitable for retrofitting
  • with IntelliGrid automation: process and energy-optimised flushing intelligence
  • Stormwater holding tanks
  • Channel storage units
  • Treatment plants
  • Ponds
  • Process water treatment

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