Product description

SCADA.web is the portal for remote surveillance for operators of small, decentralised systems and networks in the water and energy management sector. The portal offers all of the SCADA functions (monitoring, remote control, archiving, evaluation, reporting, fault notification management). The necessary infrastructure for safe operation is provided and maintained by HST and accessed via web browser or an app for the iPad/iPhone. Due to the central operation of the portal and operationally ready pre-configured outstations, costs are reduced and operational safety is increased. As the programm is based on industry standards, SCADA.web is also open for telecontrol by different manufacturers.

  • cost-saving, because there is no investment from the central office
  • uncomplicated, operationally safe, available everywhere and any time
  • industrial monitoring also of the smallest installations
  • comprehensive SCADA functions available in a web browser
  • Central offices for water, energy and waste management
  • Waterworks, processing, treatment plants, landfills
  • Biogas plants, wind and water power
  • Energy technology
  • Lighting
  • Housing technology
  • Ventilation systems
  • Photovoltaics

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