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Product description

By using KANiO® technical operations can be run more efficiently and more economically. This applies not only to preparation- and planning process but also to documentation. It is a matter of course that with the aid of KANIO® (version KANIO® 4.0) the complete maintenance planning and quality assurance as well as the compliance with legal requirements can be achieved. Standard application modules allow the usage in a large variety of organisations such as, for example, river and channel management, treatment plants, gas, water and electricity operations.

  • market-leading operating control system in the water management sector
  • additional applications for gas, electricity and industry
  • Integration in GIS, PLS and ERP systems
  • Standard application modules with special functions such as the creation of flushing plans in sewage systems
  • mobile application
  • Operation and maintenance of water, transport and lighting networks as well as general infrastructure
  • Maintenance organisation and industrial operations
  • Real estate, building and plant maintenance

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