Product description

The EMA system (E-values evaluation - E-Mengen-Auswertung) offers an optimal solution for precise collection and evaluation of overflow quantities, which are relieved via permanent weir thresholds. The EMA system consists of the following components:

EMA panel variable mechanical construction with E-scale optics for recording, protection and precise adjustment of the sensors

EMA sensors high-precision, continuous measurement recording and additional level set-points for calibrating

EMA controller high-resolution collection and archiving of measuring data per the Delta-Event process with verification and calibration functions

EMA evaluation operator-friendly data evaluation with graphic analysis tools and logging based on Microsoft Excel

EMA measuring profile structured measuring profile to equalise structural height differences and for precision improvement.

  • Calibration and reference point via digital height benchmarks
  • maintenance-friendly access and precise adjustment of the sensors
  • highly precise collection of the flood height
  • Kalibrier- und Referenzpunkt über digitalen Höhenbolzen
  • Long-term archiving of raw and calculated values for instance on a CF card
  • high level of precision due to a structured measuring profile
  • operator-friendly evaluation
  • Reporting system based on Excel in accordance with the official specifications

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