Product Overview

HST is a specialist for system solutions with its own products: from the purely mechanical or automated weir to system wastewater treatment plants, from the station technology to the complete control technology and the superior operational management system for installations in the infrastructure. The use of standards in HST products and systems and the simultaneous openness and flexibility for other intelligent systems within the system technology are a significant unique selling point and guarantee investment security and supplier-independence for all of the solutions.

In short: HST is a product manufacturer with the know-how for systems and machinery.

For substance separation, flow and level control, basin cleaning as well as fittings and equipment for special structures.

Solutions for the control, monitoring and logging of technical equipment and processes.


Within the framework of our internal quality management we have developed performance standards at HST by which we demonstrate to our customers our unrelenting commitment is quality. This is an important and transparent decision factor for our customers. The high number of repeat customers who have been purchasing our products over a number of years is an endorsement of our strategy in this regard. We are one of the relatively few companies in our sector who place a high value on in-house development. This makes HST a supplier of equipment, engineering and technology with a mature advanced system.


HST Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
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D-59872 Meschede
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Energy Efficiency

HST products can run either without the input of external energy or are equipped with IT and automation with process intelligence which uses a minimum of external energy.

Material Efficiency

Raw materials are scarce and getting more expensive. For this reason HST uses well thought out designs and production methods in order to ensure maximum efficiency in production.

Data Efficiency

HST systems evaluate the accumulated data and the relevant information so they are tailored to the needs of the customer. This means that the customer gets the information needed.

Secure Quality

Guaranteed flexibility by the use of standardised and open IT modules and solutions. HST products can be interfaced with other systems and networks.

Smart Usability

Complex processes made simple to manage. This challenge, in particular, has been taken up and implemented by the software products of HST.

Standards & Flexibility

Guaranteed flexibility through standardized and open IT modules and solutions: HST products can be linked to other systems and networks.