Benefits from solutions

When HST takes on a project, the customer can be sure to get product, facility and service-based solutions that deserve the term “solution” as well. After all, we want to work with the customer in a trusting manner beyond the order. Sometimes we even use products from other vendors, which we add to the HST system developed for the customer. Ultimately, it is crucial to us that the customer is satisfied. We are also committed to projects by contract for work and thus stand above the normal extent of a supply contract for the success of the project. We not only guarantee the function, but also the effect of our products and projects. In our magazine “Watervision”, we regularly publish a selection of such projects to give our customers a clear idea of ​​the diversity of our know-how. We have also documented all projects in our database. All these documents are available to our prospects and customers in a web-based portal with search function to develop their solution.