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UV-Disinfection Unit/System

SMART Machine / System / Plant
UV-Disinfection System

Product Description

The UV-Disinfection devices are widely used in water supply and wastewater treatment in municipal and industrial areas. UV disinfection systems are used for the chemical-free disinfection of domestic and municipal drinking water in municipal wastewater reuse and treatment as well as in the recycling of all types of process water.

Due to the UV radiation of the long-lasting UV lamps, microorganisms present in the water are inactivated in the continuously flowing disinfection chamber. The disinfection equipment is available with a chemical and / or mechanical cleaning system to remove organic and inorganic deposits.

By controlling the water quality parameters, the lamp intensity and thus the energy consumption can be adjusted as needed. The control of the UV disinfection system ensures continuous monitoring of the UV dose. The integration into a whole system, e.g. a waterworks, is guaranteed by standard technology.

Your Benefits

  • Use of chemicals not necessary
  • Fast and reliable disinfection
  • Exact dose monitoring and control
  • Can be equipped with chemical and / or mechanical cleaning system
  • Low energy consumption
  • Lowest operating and maintenance costs
  • Easy operation / maintenance due to simple design


  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Process water treatment plants
  • Drinking water systems

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