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Sludge Cyclone

Sludge Cyclone

Product Description

Sludge cyclones are process containers for storing and static thickening of water sludges. For instance, the overage sludge accumulated in biological treatment plants is directly transported to the sludge reservoir for thickening, so that the following treatments and storage processes are minimised and the mechanical drainage systems can work more efficiently. The delivery includes type static, filling, extraction, operation and maintenance devices.

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Your Benefits

  • Reduction of storage volumes
  • Reduction of disposal costs
  • Support/replacement of the mechanical sludge thickening
  • No chemical auxiliary materials required
  • Lowest operating and maintenance costs
  • Tested systemic model series
  • Material selection (steel/stainless steel/GFK)


  • Municipal and industrial water treatment plants
  • Process water treatment

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