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Segmental Weir

SMART Machine

Product Description

Segmental weirs are used anywhere where more precise regulation of the water volume is required at high water pressures. Due to the stress capacity principle, they can be operated with low torque and thus lower drive power. To be more economically, the frame-bar construction of the segmental weirs are fitted with a projecting baffle plate, with this they can be used for smaller dam structures and drainage volumes.

The construction-based lower material requirements for bearing the load allows for the economic manufacturing of segmental weirs in stainless steel and composite materials. This reduces the maintenance and repair costs because the otherwise required work for removing corrosion and securing the corrosion protection is no longer necessary.

Your Benefits

  • Highly efficient construction
  • Seal sizes up to 5 x 15 m
  • Construction out of corrosion resistant materials
  • High functional safety and life span
  • Quick reaction in case of suddenly arising events
  • Intelligent system control with SMART control technology


  • Dams/barrages
  • Pumped storage plants
  • Flood protection
  • Retention tanks
  • Polders
  • Power plants

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