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SCADA V10 Visualization and Operation


The visualisation of the processes is often at the heart of a process control system. SCADA V10 is a fully integrated SCADA system, not a visualisation which has been completed with various add-on products. The result of this integration is remarkable and manifests itself particularly in its interaction capabilities. For example, the registration book, the configuration, the graphical evaluation, the documentation and of course the reporting system can all be accessed directly from the visualisation. But conversely as well, the associated process image can also be called directly from the registration book, the configuration or the graphical evaluation.

With the SCADA V10 visualisation, the process is the most important factor. For this reason, superfluous operating elements have been dispensed with. Ope- ration is intuitive and context-driven. If the user moves the mouse pointer to a display element, a window with additional information opens automatically. The hydrograph, the registration book or the configuration of the process variable can be called for any display element directly from the visualisation. For an optimal display of the visualisation on monitors with different resolutions, the size of the visualisation is freely scalable. Modern technologies such as multitouch operation and 3D imaging are also supported.


  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Freely scalable process images
  • Integrated connectivity functionality
  • Object library for units and machines
  • Multitouch-capable
  • High-functioning image editor
  • Programming interface (Visual Studio)
Image editor
Sewage treatment plant process image
HydroMat E process image