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SCADA V10 Smart Mobility

The app for SCADA systems

It is important to be informed quickly about any errors in order that you are then able to react immediately, in particular for the on-call services. SCADA systems from HST provide a variety of solutions for external access. Alongside direct access via the classic user workplace, the SCADA system can operate directly via an internet browser or via an app that has been specially designed for smartphones and tablet computers. The SCADA system can, therefore, be operated from any location at any time. Only an internet connection is required to use it. For security reasons, data transmission is performed completely encrypted via the internet.

The mobile SCADA solution covers all of the important functions of the SCADA system. This, of course, includes graphic visualisation in the form of process images, the presentation of hydrographs and the display of error messages and their acknowledgement. Furthermore, one can also intervene directly into the process via remote access, whereby appropriate user rights are required for this purpose. Using the SCADA app, the on-call services can be informed quickly and conveniently about the plant status and can, therefore, react in a targeted manner at any time.