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SCADA V10 Reports and Protocols


Alongside the graphical analysis of the processes, all process data can also be prepared in the form of reports and protocols. To log the sewage treatment plant process, you can select an operating log in accordance with the DWA-M260, Hirthammer or Kollotzek operating log. Furthermore, there are also protocol libraries for water supply, energy supply and flood protection available. The integrated interface to Microsoft Excel enables the designing of project-specific protocols. Using this, it is possible to access the system configuration and the archive system directly and interactively from Excel.


  • Free selection of the operating log
  • Comprehensive report library
  • Customisable reports in Microsoft Excel
  • Reporting for servicing and error analysis
  • Directly integrated into Microsoft Excel


  • Operating logs for sewage treatment plants
  • Zone protocols for water supply
  • Servicing and analysis of weak points
  • Special structures in the sewage network
Daily report special structure
M260 – Evaluation of maximum consumption
M260 – Distribution of electricity consumption